An angelic look,
Was smiled at me,
In the moments that my heart was blazed
Sick of having sadness
And an unstable soul

My dead body
Became strongly alive
To deal with the hindrance
“wrote with your sincerity”
Was the magical word

You were not present here
You were not by myside anymore
Only a pencil was the last weapon I have
To overcome all the barrier
And defeat the obstacle
Until I reach the culmination of victorious

Pen Pal : Acil

This poem was telling about love of a 12 years old boy with his teacher. He was mad with his parents because of shifting from his old school. His father was transfer to another school and he also need to come along. So that boy was unpleaseant with his new school until a beautiful teacher come and give him advice. The boy was falling love with his teacher! However he knows that the teacher will not be longer at that school. Then, before the teacher left she gave him a pencil and telling him to proceed his study and succees. The boy do his best and atlast he enter the university.


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